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1976 Honda CB750A. A for automatic! All these modern motorcycles touting the latest and greatest technology like push button electric gear boxes and CVT transmissions. Ha! Honda had an automatic in the 70's!! You want to ride motorcycles but you like vintage style so the new stuff just wont do. And you never really were able to work the clutch in your friends car in high school so you are pretty sure riding a motorcycle is out of the question. Well here you go. A vintage automatic motorcycle from Honda. Besides a little rust on the spokes and the normal degradation of finishes on aluminum and the paint, this one is in really good condition. Runs good. Charging system is good. All mechanicals check out good. Tank needs to be lined or flushed really well but that's about it. This would make a really cool collector or bike night special. You meet the nicest people on a Honda as the old advertisements used to say!